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(GPS 37.10506, -8.51353)

The closest beach to the apartment, just 3 mins drive. The Praia dos Caneiros is the hidden gem of the Lagoa coastline and our favourite beach listed in this article. The beach is far enough away from any major town to keep it significantly quieter than all of the other beaches, while its scenery and setting is as good as the Praia da Marinha.

The setting is magical, with powerful Atlantic waves rolling onto the golden sands, while out to sea is the Ilheu da Boa Sorte, a large limestone pinacol and home to numerous sea birds. Further along the cliffs is the Ponta do Altar Lighthouse and the navigational tower.




(GPS 37.10780, -8.51853)

Just on the other side of Praia dos Caneiros, Praia do Pintadinho is yet another attractive beach which is widely touted as the beach that only locals know and go to. This reputation is mainly due to it being a long way from the town centre and the walking route passes the Praia Grande (where most tourists stop). Pintadinho has a pretty setting, with a large sea cave to the north of the beach and sea waters that are clear and calm. This is another beach that is ideal for children.



(GPS 37.11649, -8.52038)

The Praia Grande, as the name implies, the largest beach on in the Lagoa region and on the western side of the Arade River. The beach is within the Portimao harbour defences and there are virtually no waves or currents, making it a safe beach for children and families. Even though the waters are a combination of the Arade River and the ocean, the waters are clean and suitable for swimming (always check the water quality update on the board leading to the beach).

The beach is a vast expanse of sands and it is the only beach of the region to have enough space during the summer months. At the southern end there is a cliff side footpath and at the northern side there is a selection of good beach restaurants. While much of the Algarve coastline is full with foreign tourist the Praia Grande tends to attract more Portuguese. We like the Praia Grande and highly recommend it for a day on the beach.



(GPS 37.09628, -8.47169)

The Praia de Carvoeiro is the main beach of Carvoeiro and is where the majority of visitors will spend most of their time on the beach. Luckily the setting is picturesque, the beach is suitable for all and there is a wide selection of cafes and restaurants close by. The beach is sheltered from the sea by two rocky headlands, and this has formed a natural triangular beach. The rear of the Praia de Carvoeiro is lined by traditional fishing houses, which have been since been converted into tourist restaurants and bars.

The sea waters are calm and without strong tides, making the beach ideal for young children and families. The main issues with the Praia de Carvoeiro is the complete lack of car parking (as with the entire town) and that it can get very crowded during the summer.




 (GPS 37.09126, -8.4553)

The Praia do Vale Centeanes is situated in a natural valley that has been carved out of the limestone cliffs creating a semi-sheltered cove. This narrow stretch of sand is nestled below the massive and imposing cliffs and forms another wonderful beach setting. Unfortunately, the allure of Centeanes is often lost during the summer when it has to be shared with hundreds of other tourists…..

Vale Centeanes beach has a very different appearance to the Praia de Carvoeiro and it should be considered as the second beach of Carvoeiro. To reach the Praia do Vale Centeanes it is a 2km walk along the Estrada Do Farol street and is worthy of the 20-minute walk.

Praia carvalho.jpg


GPS  (37.08677, -8.43183)

The Praia do Carvalho (Oak beach) is an outstanding beach and a great choice if you are seeking to explore further from the centre of Carvoeiro. Carvalho beach may not be as famous as the Praia da Marinha but it still offers all of the good aspects; stunning scenery, crystal clear waters, and golden sands. The other noteworthy feature of the beach is that it is reached via a tunnel carved into the cliff. At the top of the cliffs is a decent sized car park but there are no beach facilities, restaurants or shops.



 (GPS 37.08980, -8.413529)

The Praia da Marinha was voted as one of the top ten beaches in the world, and it is easy to understand why it was awarded this accolade. The beach has the regions characteristic weathered cliffs, golden sands and turquoise sea waters, but there is an abundance of marine small life hidden between the submerged rocks while at the western end of the beach is the distinctive double sea arch (or M arch). Praia da Marinha is an outstanding beach in the low season but during the summer it will be busy.

Marinha beach is at the end of the Percurso dos Sete Vales Suspensos hiking route and the beach is a worthy goal for the 6km hike.



5km from central Carvoeiro - GPS 37.08723, -8.42584

The Praia de Benagil is one of the larger beaches along the coastline and is the closest beach to the famed Benagil Caves. Praia de Benagil is a beautiful beach and is always a hive of activity, with tour boats filled with tourists being pushed into the sea or returning at speed to beach the boats high up on the sands. Behind the beach is the village Benagil, which was once a fishing community but has since been taken over by tourism

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